How can I learn from Book Mormon geography?

Where did Christ Appear to the Nephites?

How Far Apart are the Cities and Lands?

Why so many Geography Theories?

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City of Ablom
The Hill Cumorah
Ripliancum - Large or to exceed all
Place of Ogath
The Hill Shim
City of Jashon
Land Moron
Land Bountiful
Sea east
City of Mulek
City of Lehi
City of Morianton
City of Gid
City of Aaron
City of Nephihah
City of Moroni
Lands Ishmael and Middoni
Land of Nephi
South wilderness
Land of Zarahemla
River Sidon
City Melek
City Manti
City of Ammonihah
Land of Antionum
Land of Jershon
There are four major land areas in Book of Mormon; the land of Nephi, Bountiful, Zarahemla, Desolation. Zarahemla was north of Nephi, Bountiful was north Zarahemla, Desolation was north of Bountiful. The Land of Nephi is mentioned 41 times before the coming of Christ but not once afterword, why because it was the land that sank into sea at 34 AD.

The geography written in the Book of Mormon